A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Thursday, 11 April 2013


 ‎February, ‎2013, ‏‎6:11:08 PM:
              The day was like any other day..Mom woke me up forcefully as I was (neither am) not a morning person...I had to go to my maths tution which was not far from my house and I would go by cycling ..jst as I left my house and covered not more than 25 feet outside the gate, an unbelievable sight caught my eyes and I  came down of my cycle..a beautiful (I was like OH MY GOD!!! where did this beautiful thing come from?!) butterfly was sitting on a flower,(in bengali we call it "nayantara") steadily. I being a photography junkie always carried my Canon PowerShot A3300 IS camera inside my bag, so I took out my camera, left my bag in the basket of my cycle and went on forward to take a shot...at first I took the shot from distance resulting a not-so-good-at-all macro like this..

I was amazed to see that the butterfly didn't move..I gathered some more courage and moved a little forward, the butterfly still didn't move.. so I started to take continuous shots like these...

These shots gave me much satisfaction as I didn't captures photos of butterflies before, I used to think that it was not my job to capture beautiful butterflies as they are too fragile, but with those shots of one of the most beautiful butterfly I got not only enough satisfaction bt also lot more confidence to shoot butterflies...So i can say it was my first step to the world of butterfly photography i.e. macro photography..The morning which was very boring just before shooting the butterfly, was now a fresh morning to me..I saw that even after taking so many shots of the butterfly, still it was in the same place not moving a little bit...as if it was there to give me my first shot, my one of the best shot ever....

My tutor Tapash Kumar Dutta, who is also a great photographer, I showed the photos taken by camera to him after the tution was over..He was also amazed and couldn't recall it's ID...I even showed the photos to my parents, who were not supportive iin my photography and they were also amazed..It was after I posted the photo on my Facebook profile, my favourite tutor Sumit Chakraborty, a master-clicker gave a beautiful comment along with the ID of this beautiful gift of nature--- "COMMON MIME BUTTERFLY"..