A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Friday, 31 January 2014


                               A NEW BUTTERFLY IN MY COLLECTION :)

Found it at Chinsurah, West Bengal...It was at the time of Durga puja last year, I went out with few of my friends and noticed it with torn wings on the lawn. I took it up with my fingers very carefully, it was trembling as if taking the last breaths. I placed it on a leaf and took this picture. I always wanted to capture a black winged butterfly and here I found it on a day of hangout :)

Wednesday, 8 January 2014


                                  I WANT A RECHARGED NEW YEAR

WELL, a very Happy New Year dear friends! Have you guys make any resolutions? Ahh! all of us make resolutions I guess, some of us are very serious about it, and some of us are just so frank, in fact some of us even forget about our resolutions in the middle of the year. Poor resolution!! Okay, lets just move aside and discuss about new year plannings..What say?

Hmm this is not a photography based blog as I usually do, rather it's something very weird ;)

Confused huh?!!! well, all these pictures are taken (downloaded) from  http://www.sunsilk.in/ i.e the Sunsilk official website. Not only me but my mom also a regular Sunsilk user and when I saw this contest details popping up on the Indiblogger homepage, I quickly checked it and decided to submit an entry. I am a totally new user on Indiblogger and henceforth have never submitted any entry on any contest organised here. But this contest looked very ineresting one...Why? You will get to know..Keep scrolling this blog ;)

Almost all of us (specially women!) want to look fabulous so that people notice and give compliments. And hence anyone would agree to the fact that beautiful hair accentuates the beauty of  an woman, so we are/have to be very careful about the health of our hair. 
Being a daily commuter of crowded train,launch and rickshaw it becomes very tough to maintain the hair. And if the hair is long and curly, then it becomes more difficult. I have this peculiar brownish curly hair which always looks as if I have not combed. Everyday I have to cycle first to the railway station and then I board train. Even if I bind my hair in a tight bun or a plait, the hair becomes messy after I get off the train. Then I take a rickshaw to the ferry ghat through the dusty market and then I get on the launch. After that I walk to my college. So you guys can easily understand that how much my almost waist length hair gets damaged in this daily journey. I apply oil daily and shampoo regularly but somehow the hair always get messy. But with this Sunsilk shampoo the hair gets back its shine at some extent. I shampoo regularly and hence am able to avoid hairfall and split ends. The hair remains silky smooth with the usual brownish glow and I am assured that "mere baalon ka shiny glow will never go!"

So here is the story of how Sunsilk helps me recharge my life and my hair!! :)

Being a frequent cyclist (and a speedy one too! ;) ) I can let my hair loose and let them talk to the wind. In earlier days I would always become worried about the damage of my hair while cycling, as the dust from the road would damage the hair severely. That is why I had too bind my hair, which I do not like so much. Now I can be without worry!

I can go out with my friends on a sunny or foggy morning and let my hair loose...

I always wanted to learn driving scooty or bikes, but unfortunately never got the chance..But now I hope the dream will be fulfilled. Sunsilk will recharge my hair so that I can pose 
like these two superb looking celebrities with my hair open and with my scooty :) #wish #dreamcometrue

After I learn scooty, I can take my niece out on my scooty or my bicycle, so that we both can enjoy :) It is something we both want very much!

I want to dance my heart out with this favourite song of mine "Tumhi ho bandhu" just as Diana was dancing with her silky hair falling all over her face!

I have started performing on stage on college fests after I started my college. And this look of Katrina with loose brown curly hair totally charges me up.

I have always avoided Holi as the colours damage hair badly. But with Sunsilk I can go out with open hair and get fully drenched and colourful like this. #weird

I don't tell people but it's a secret wish I'm telling you people. I have always wanted to go out on someone special's bike...my hair let loose and wind caressing them..Well, it may happen someday i future when I meet that someone special..Before that it will only remain a wish :) #romanceintheair

And my heart singing "udne do..hawa zara si lagne do" :)

And last but not the least, it is my long time dream to go on a trekking and climb at the top and let my hair loose and shout..Just like this scene in "Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani".

And yes one more thing, I want to straighten my hair just once, only to see how much long they are!! 

So here is my story, or I would rather say my wishlist...And this wishlist can be complete with Sunsilk...which will make my life recharged and my hair healthy enough so that I don't need to worry about their damage in any weather and let them dance and talk to the wind!

That is all of my weird blog! Enjoy dear freinds :)
 [all the pictures are downloaded from Google and from http://www.sunsilk.in/ ]

Sunday, 5 January 2014


                                                     WINTER JEWELS

      At first here I want to wish everyone, my dear readers and indiblogger friends a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014....

In this blog I want to share some of my most memorable shots..Memorable because those were unexpected and something I never saw before.

I was in school then...not being an early morning person I seldom got time to go ustairs on terrace and catch a glimpse of these dew droplets on the tender leaves. When I would wake up, the dew would already vapourise.

Meanwhile one morning I went up the terrace before leaving for tution, needless to say that it was only for the glimpse of the dewdrops and nothing else! And what I saw, really left me amazed...I had never seen such arranged dewdrops on the leaves..In my 18 years of life, I had never seen such a brilliant natural piece of art.

The new tender rose-leaves with reddish borders were looking just perfect with those pearl like dew drops. Such a scene is more than enough to make your day, and being a photography-crazy it is no doubt a gift to get a chance to click such master arts of nature.

Even the budding flowers had the new ornaments of dewdrops...This is a picture of a rosebud..

Not only the leaves, even the winter-flowers were also in their wintry outfit...Transparent pearly outfit!

The violet plant which has a lot of small pinkish flowers were looking so nice with the glittering dew droplets...

The sun had clearly came out of the fog then..and it was also a bit past my tution time...So I hurried up and readily came downstairs...

This year I am more late in rising up, so I am missing those dewdrops, but nevertheless last year gave me those wonderful moments and who knows, this year if one day I wake up early, then I can see those dewdrops again?!! ;) :) LOL