A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Saturday, 14 December 2013


                                        JUST CHILL, IT'S HAPPY  WINTER!!!

After almost two months my pc is in good health ;) And I am here blogging after the Diwali...Loooooong time na?!!

So my dear readers, are you enjoying the winter? The nip in the air? The fog? Well, I don't know whether all of you are experiencing winter or not, because we all live faraway from each others (but still connected no?)

Here in my place the Winter has gradually set in although the chill is not really there in the air..But last year, whoa!! it was tooooooo cold...The coldest winter I experienced after my birth..All the people say that I am made of some hot substance that's why I do not feel cold like all others do..But last year I too was shivering..

Scene from my terrace
    Here is the picture of a winter morning last year..And guess what, the picture was taken at 12noon..The weather was still so foggy then...

Scene on road

This picture was taken while cycling..I was going to my tution and saw these people, fully covered with sweater and scarf..It's really chilly early in the morning when you go to tution or school..Isn't it??? ;) LOL

Morning Walk

This picture was also taken on my way to tution.This affection was really an early morning treat. The grandfather clad in dhoti-kurta and sweater and this little baby in his monkey-cap,sweater and woolen pant was taking an early morning walk and the baby was continuously being distracted with roadside beauties! 

Well, this is a small blog...More wintry pictures of  last year is coming soon friends :)

Till then stay well, keep blogging and enjoy the WINTER..Love you dear readers :)

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diwali Bash after a long time

                  DIWALI DHAMAKA- Wishing everyone a belated Diwali

       Not every year is as special as this year...because I do not usually celebrate DIWALI (THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT). I am very scared of fire since my childhood after I experienced a fire-accident at my home in which my mom somehow survived. She has started working with fire gradually, after all women are destined to cook (which needs working with fire); but that incident had left a dark mark on my mind and I still cannot forget the memory of the incident taken place when I was only two and a half months old...
        Anyway I do not want to scratch old memories...The thing is this year, I burst crackers after years, of which I was so scared. I would only burn "FULJHURI" and "RANG MASHAL". I don't know what happened to me this year that I burst not only those small "fuljhuris" and "rangmashals", but also  "Chocolate bombs","charki" and "tubri" too...Well, these terms are n bengali, sorry to say but I do not know their english names ;)

These are the pictures taken by my mom while me and my cousin sister was busy burning the crackers...She is not scared of fire,and with her this year I also left all my fear, awkwardness...

My House :)
Even my house was decorated much better this year and I took this photo after burning the crackers with my sister...

The charki
I had never burnt charki, but this year as I burnt this one, I quickly captured a photo of this...This may not be looking nice but it will always remain special to me..

 This year she also burst crackers with us...and it was so nice to see her enjoying diwali... :) :)

It was the second day...the last day of bursting all the crackers...I would say that we didn't burst many crackers, but this year at least I left my fear out of my mind and burst as much as I could...AND it was that SPECIAL...

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bird Photography

                              MY WORKS ON BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY

             Again after a long break, here I'm blogging. Actually my PC is facing acute hardware problems due to thundering and I couldn't surf internet on computer since 15days...Here I got a chance to use computer at my cousin's place and so I thought to share some photographs of birds I saw in my locality and outside my hometown as well.

Juvenile Oriental Magpie - Robin
It was that very picture I clicked in which I got a comment "welcm 2 d world of bird photography. very good start indeed. keep clicking". With this photograph, I started taking up bird photography more enthusiastically..

Adult Oriental Magpie - Robin (male)
This photo was clicked by me while coming back from biology tution at noon. This bird was fluttering over the flower-pots of a house garden. And I climbed on the wall  and clicked this photo! ;)

Black Drongo
It was clicked by me on such a day, I had fever. I was studying and suddenly saw this bird sitting on a electric wire outside the balcony. I always have camera on my bed, I readily picked that up and took the snap with full zoom..My weakness was lessened at some extent!

Black Drongo in different moods
Rufous Tree-pie
Spotted Dove

Two chubby Black-Hooded Orioles
White-Throated Kingfisher

Greater Coucal

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon
Red Vented Bulbul
Coppersmith Barbet

Blue Throated Barbet
The picture of the Blue-throated Barbet was my first shot f bird photography, but indeed I consider it as one of my best shots. It was clicked on a scorching morning; I went on the roof to help my mom arranging the wet clothes and found this bird chirping on the tree. I immidiately went downstairs and picked my camera. I couldn't see where the bird was, because of the scorching sun. But I closed my eyes and just like that clicked the picture. After that when I checked the photo, I was totally amazed to see that I perfectly clicked the photo with the bird in the middle!!

Baya Weaver bird
These birds were making their superb nest on the coconut tree beside my house, which was clearly seen from our washroom. One day I went to the washroom and clicked a number of photos and finally got this one just satisfactory. These birds are very busy always making their nests...

A few shots of "PURPLE RUMPED SUNBIRD(MALE), clicked on different days...

Green Bee-eaters
These Green Bee-eaters have always been my most favourite bird which I wanted to shoot...But as these birds are very small and  my camera is a point and shoot Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, which does not support great zooming and consists noise, so I seldom got good shots...

Rose-ringed Parakeet
Brown headed Gull
This shot was taken at Bakkhali beach..while returning I suddenly spotted this one at the beach and got to click...

       Well, these are some of those shots...although these shots are not great, due to not-so-good camera...I just wish to get a good DSLR when I get a job and earn my own :)

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

The Final Touch: Durga Puja Is Knocking At The Door

                     The Final Touch: Durga Puja Is Knocking At The Door

Dear readers,
                     At first I want to say a big sorry to all of you as I didn't wrote for a whole month. Actually I was busy for the freshers' party of my college, and as now the puja-vacation has started, so I'm here again :)
                   Last year after the test exam of 12th standard I was all bored, alone and at the same time very much enthusiastic for a days out for photography..So I called one of my close friends and asked him if he could give me a ride on his bike and take me to those studios where the idols are made..My parents are very conservative and they would not allow me to go for a photo session with a male friend, so I didn't tell them about that, however I told mom that I was going for a get-together at a friend's house. Well, honestly I felt a guilt inside my mind for telling a lie to mom..but the photography bug bit me very hard and I could not do anything!!


           At first we went to a studio where the idol making was almost done, artistes were painting the idols with utmost devotion...I was amazed to see the strokes of their finger when the painted the curves of the clothes, the eyes of the idols...I was dumbstuck..


I was roaming here and there inside the studio. There was not so much space as huge numbers of idols, both finished and unfinished were kept there.. 

The artists were very much delighted to see a girl of my age taking snapshots of their work. they felt their hard labour was much worthy to people of my age too.. In fact they told "Tomar boyeshi meye amader ekhane ase na to...tumi ki chobi tolo? tomar nesha?" ("girls of your age never come to such messy place..do you do photography? Is that your hobby?") and there I felt an undefined pleasure to give them such satisfaction.

From the side-angle

The magnificent Durga

One of the artists, seeing my enthusiasm at last asked me to take a full snap of the group of idols almost finished. It was a bit tough to take the full view, so I took snaps of all the idols in that group and decided to merge them in one frame with Photoshop ;)
The artist also asked if I could give him the picture I took, and I readily agreed. after all it always feels great when you see your work photographed or published. Here are the different shots of that group...

The lion
People were busy arranging their last minute touch to give a fulfillment to the idols, binding straws,applying clay, colouring etc...In the middle they kept on chatting with me and my friend. They also told that some news reporters had come to that place a few days earlier...

numbers of idols
 Before coming out of the studio I climbed on the stair which the artists use to climb on top and paint, and took the best shot of that day!! See below...

Radiance of the eyes

       Coming out that studio, we walked to a hut of a potter. And I was feeling so upset for his condition...He lived in a hut(which I doubt if I can really call  a hut) of  about 14 feet x 14 feet height...There was hardly any utensils, no furniture but a small cot, an earthen hearth,no cloths...I was wondering how the family of the potter, his wife, two small children would spend their days.. They welcomed us and my friend kept on asking him various questions such as how much money did he get, when the pressure of work is high etc etc.. 

The potter in his hut

I was taking the snap of how deliberately and creatively he made the pot perfect, and when the shot was taken, I noticed that his children were standing behind me and they were utterly happy to see the photograph..The innocent smile on their face made my day colourful...My friend had taken some chocolates with him and he gave those to the children..They were more than happy :)

Stroke of perfection
While we came out we noticed a huuuuuuuge number of pots outside his hut...

We all are same
Yet to be coloured

After that we headed to another studio. It was just beside the road, even many idols were kept beside the road for drying, artists were giving their final strokes under the scorching sun. we entered in one tented studio, none was there. my friend told me to click pictures and if anyone enquires something then just to tell the truth that we had come to click pictures and nothing else. There were numbers of idols standing in a line, each with different textures,colours, styles. From there the idols are transfered to different mandaps, so obviously the idols were of different styles. 

Colours which enhances the beauty
After a while some artists entered and utterly happy with our visit kept on showing us different models, some cracking jokes about their being famous...They were doing their last bits such as applying moustache with glue, applying jewellery etc. While returning they asked for a chewing gum which my friend gave to me and I gave them happily ;)

We came back after a while and decided to have a look at the artists who were doing their job under the terrible scorching sun beside the road. 

Men at work

Almost ready

My eyes suddenly fell on a table where the earthen heads of the idols were kept for drying...And how amazing they looked...!!

Then I saw a huge structure which was covered with white polythene, I could make out that it was an idol. So I got inside the polythene cover and was startled!! No, there was nothing horrible at all, there was a man painting the eyes of the idol,standing on a bench. I wa sstartled because I didn't imagine that there would be a person inside the cover!! Anyway I also stood up on the bench and with his permission took pictures of his painting. I after all understood that to cover himself from the heat, he was painting insid ethe polythene cover!!Here is the picture..

Well, in this way the photo session was done for that day...I felt a great pleasure to explore the people behind the perfect idols which we see with utmost appreciation while visiting puja-pandals on puja days... These people don't get much wages for their one of the most beautiful art and we the people wearing precious cloths watch their works free of cost...

But I guess they just forget all their worries when the see appreciation in the eyes of the visitors or when they see the fully finished idol ready to transfer to any mandap. On that day I understood that a model or idol is the outcome of the constant labour of a number of people who in lieu of small payment makes something so elegant, so perfect....