A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Rain In Pre-Autumn!!!

                               MONSOON MAGIC IN PRE-AUTUMN

Well I know that it's not the monsoon time, so naturally you, my precious readers will be a little amazed seeing the blog title...Actually the rain in West Bengal is quite unpredictable, so we're even worried if the rain would spoil the Durga Puja, the greatest festival of the Bengalees. Anyway I always love the drizzles, in fact I find a certain pleasure in inhaling the scent of wet soil just after the rain...

After the rain stopped, I got ready for my tution, came down the first floor and took out my cycle. When I came out I saw these beautiful droplets on the saplings of the "Sishu" tree. I immediately made the cycle stand and clicked these pictures. After that I went to my tution.....

I came back from my tution at 1.30 noon and after having lunch had sat to study.But my weird mind!! Every time it went towards outside, it was still rainning, and I saw that the raindrops had fallen on the flower-petals of the plant which my mom keeps on her balcony. I again took out my camera and sat on the balcony and clicked another set of photos...

This shot came out of my CREATIVE mind!!
To take a shot from under the petal
 The above shot was one of my favourite shot too...
After this photosession I went on studying. When it was afternoon, I decided to go up the roof to freshen up my mind (OF COURSE TAKING MY CAMERA!!). And what a scene it was! I took a few shots of the leaves of the cactus and the rose-leaves...

The rose leaves with raindroplets

There was an violet plant, which too looked nice..

It was as if the droplet was hiding inside the leaf

The large droplets of the raindrops on the cactus leaves were something really amazing...

These are the shots taken from different angles...As my camera is not so assisting in macro shots, so these photos may not be perfect...I just wanted to capture the "pearl drops" as they are like "The blessings of rain"....

Monday, 19 August 2013



Dear Shutterbugs/ Travellers/ Trekkers and everyone who love Photography,
                     hereby wishing you all a very euphoric Photography day. By the way I don't believe in such a particular day as for me and I think for all of us (the passionate photographers of course!), everyday is a new beginning of our passion, our hobby, our profession. Everyday we see different things and click different things. Well, may be there are a good many days on which we don't get great photographs, be it for the surroundings or for our mood (which swings often!). But do any of us wait for this special particular day to click some amazing pictures? Of course not! But here we also need a day to celebrate our passion more vibrantly, so we also love to celebrate this Photography day, isn't it??? We do click whenever we feel, whenever we want, whenever we see something interesting or something just common ( I feel proud to say that we crazy guys even see uncommon or special things in the most common things). We click/shoot/capture because it is in our blood. Well, I'm not at all a great photographer, not even a good photographer; I just love to capture the wonderful moments, the wonderful creatures, wonderful scenes. I feel proud when I get appreciation for my photography, I love to see the great works of greatest photographers and amatuer photographers, according to me every passionate photographer clicks different photographs, every photograph is special as no two photographs can be same.

                      Well, I have given a long speech enough to bore you, my precious readers!! So here I give pictures of different category on this special day, only to celebrate this special day...

leaf (abstract photography)
Algae (flora photography)
Oleandar hawk moth larva (Insect photography)
Common Jezebel (Butterfly photography)
White throated kingfisher (Bird photography)
Spotted deer (Animal photography)
Glory of eyes (portrait photography)
Kaleidoscope (Nature photography)
Kovalam beach (Landscape/travel photography)

Phew!!! I will not make you bored any longer, that's the end ;)
And yes, a very happy photography day again! HAPPY CLICKING :)

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Way To Tirupathy Temple

                                             A Road Trip To Remember

A shot from inside the car
We came out from the hotel at Tirumala early morning to start for the famous Tirupathy Temple. I had heard about this famous temple earlier, so as usual I was very excited. Moreover I heard that the road to the temple is through the hill and the view is very much picturesque. Our car halted at the check-post and I exchanged my seat with my father, i.e. I took the front seat while my father took the backseat beside my mom. The reason was so that I could take pictures easily from the front glass!!!

The road through the rock and greenery

Entering the unknown world inside the green cliff
I really loved the green cliffs, I wanted to climb at the top of them and explore the unknown world.

Lost in the heaven of lush greenery
Covering the amazing road through the hill, we reached the Tirupathy Temple, needless to say camera was not allowed there and I left the camera inside the car and after visiting the temple in about 2hours we came back. I was equally excited about the return journey as we had to cross the same path again, this time I asked the driver if he could halt at some places so that I could take some shots and he gladly agreed.

A shot taken while the car was halting

This shot was taken once the driver stopped the car and showed me the two cliffs. He stopped once more and I was able to capture the full panoramic view of the Tirumala city. It looked awesome.

The beautiful view of Tirumala City

I shot a video too, you can view live it here (although the quality is not so good) ;)

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Archives: Mobile-Shots

                               FIRST  SHOTS ARE ALWAYS SPECIAL

        The Photography-bug bit me first when I was in my 8th class, my parents didn't have a digital camera. We only had two manual Kodak camera, which didn't have any reel :(

Motorola SLVR L7

           Then one evening dad brought his new mobile, a Motorola SLVR L7. It was my first gear with which I used to click pictures of kaleidoscopic sky, sunrise, sunset, and of course of myself and my family & relatives. It was our first multimedia set, so I was usually very curious about every features of the mobile, specially the camera, video recorder and the music. Unfortunately I didn't have any songs in that mobile as dad wasn't much interested in downloading or exchanging songs. So I used to hear FM in that mobile and whenever I felt an urge, I would rush up to the roof and click pictures of the clouds. 
           But my passion was soon to be ended, One evening after I came back from my tution, I found that both my parents were a bit pensive. When I asked the reason I got to know the bitter truth that my dad had lost the mobile in the train i.e it had been theft. I felt lost, all those pictures had been lost. I wanted to cry but couldn't.

After almost a year, dad was transferred to Asansol, a faraway place from where he could only come to see us on weekends. I almost overcame the passion of photography. After all I didn't have another choice, if I don't get a mobile or camera, then how can I carry on my passion? 

It was a Saturday night, when dad came from Asansol to visit us and he gave me this mobile!!! I was thrilled, I didn't have any good mobile, so it was a dream come true. But as I always say, whatever I like is snatched from me :(  

So it happened, I was just checking the features of the mobile and in a mean time my mom came and asked dad where he got that mobile. Dad told that the office authority has given him the mobile, so I could use that as he had his own mobile. But mom announced that she'd use that mobile as I was not that old to use a multimedia set. Just think how I was feeling! But like every time, I didn't protest. I was just a moment away to get a mobile and start my photography but mom ruined it all. People may call it weird or anything but just think, it was my passion. How will it feel if someone snatches your favourite possession?

I had to wait another year until dad got another splendid full touch screen mobile (WITH AN AMAZING CAMERA OF COURSE!), and like every time mom bagged that mobile and gave me the old mobile she snatched from me about a year ago. 

Nevertheless, I was happy to get that mobile and would keep clicking lots of picture. 

These are some shots which I have preserved, there were many others which were deleted....

These were my best and favourite shots with that mobile...

I don't have that mobile now, as being a second-hand mobile it had many internal problems,..Now I use a peculiar Chineese set which is not at all assisting in photography, I have my small camera now, and I am happy with that :)

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Sweep Of Autumn Air

                                                Kashful  and  Breeze

           The time was August-September last year, that is the romantic AUTUMN season was just starting. Blue sky, feathery clouds, and it is the "Kashful" which attracts me the most. People call me crazy as I carry my small camera everywhere I travel, even at my tutions. My passion for photography evoked when I was in my 10th class, but at that time I didn't have a camera. It was when I was in middle of 11th class, that I carried the camera everywhere no matter what people say or my parents rebuke. So while going to and returning from tution cycling, I used to look sideways and make plans of visiting the interesting shooting places in the way. My mom is very strict about my timings so I could utilize only 15-20 minutes in photoshoot while returning from tution. So here I am telling about those two days on which I clicked the pictures of the "Kashful".
DAY  1 : I was returning from my biology tution and had cycled long, so was very tired. The scorching sun was with full power, my skin was burning, but I thought that I would not get such a chance again. And I stopped near the field where a house was being built, beside the house there was a jungle of "Kashful". I stopped my cycle and made it stand nearby and locked it so that it won't get lost. I took my bag on my back and took out my camera and looked sideways if anyone was seeing me. I saw none, and I was relieved !! Then I entered the grass-jungle and took a few shots of the "Kashful". The sun was very scorching, so the exposure was very high. Anyway I was satisfied that I was able to take the shots. Here, have a look... 

DAY  2 : My satisfaction was not quenched so easily. It was mid-September, and I was returning from my Chemistry tution, I had to return a copy to a friend and I had to cycle much more than 1km from my chemistry tutor's house to my friend's house, it was totally on a different direction. But returning the copy was important, so I had no other choice. Panting, I went to her house and returned the copy. While coming out her house the craziness bit me and I was eager to pant some more!! I cycled some more towards the Highroad which connected four places(stations), I still wonder how much crazy I was that I cycled such a long way to CLICK SOME PICTURES !! I found an isolate place full of grasses longer than my height! And to me it was just like a heaven full of snowy,feathery "Kashful". I wondered that if someone murders me inside this grass-jungle and leaves me dead, none will be able to find out in a few days!!! I also was worried a bit if there was any snake! But I remembered the tagline "DARR KE AAGEY JEET HAI" (victory is before worry) and I went on clicking. Different species of Munia birds were fluttering beside. I thought if I could lie down over the Kashful bunches and sleep...

The Golden Strands

Touching The Sky

         I spent almost half an hour there and was fully soaked in perspiration all over my body and hair. While coming out the grass-jungle I sent a Message to my chemistry tutor, a superb photographer himself about my photoshoot :-)

                                                    The Best Shots Of That Day

         My work for that day was done and suddenly I was feeling very tired and wanted to go home as fast as possible. So I bid good-bye to the beautiful place and came out along the narrow way between the grass..

The narrow way between the grass
    So hereby I'm wishing all a very happy Autumn in advance and if possible do spend some time amidst the kashful, it's really amazing :-)