A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Diwali Bash after a long time

                  DIWALI DHAMAKA- Wishing everyone a belated Diwali

       Not every year is as special as this year...because I do not usually celebrate DIWALI (THE FESTIVAL OF LIGHT). I am very scared of fire since my childhood after I experienced a fire-accident at my home in which my mom somehow survived. She has started working with fire gradually, after all women are destined to cook (which needs working with fire); but that incident had left a dark mark on my mind and I still cannot forget the memory of the incident taken place when I was only two and a half months old...
        Anyway I do not want to scratch old memories...The thing is this year, I burst crackers after years, of which I was so scared. I would only burn "FULJHURI" and "RANG MASHAL". I don't know what happened to me this year that I burst not only those small "fuljhuris" and "rangmashals", but also  "Chocolate bombs","charki" and "tubri" too...Well, these terms are n bengali, sorry to say but I do not know their english names ;)

These are the pictures taken by my mom while me and my cousin sister was busy burning the crackers...She is not scared of fire,and with her this year I also left all my fear, awkwardness...

My House :)
Even my house was decorated much better this year and I took this photo after burning the crackers with my sister...

The charki
I had never burnt charki, but this year as I burnt this one, I quickly captured a photo of this...This may not be looking nice but it will always remain special to me..

 This year she also burst crackers with us...and it was so nice to see her enjoying diwali... :) :)

It was the second day...the last day of bursting all the crackers...I would say that we didn't burst many crackers, but this year at least I left my fear out of my mind and burst as much as I could...AND it was that SPECIAL...