A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Thursday, 5 September 2013


                               TEACHERS WHO SHAPED MY LIFE

Well I am late for a day to wish a Teachers' day, but as I had waited for the whole last day to get connected with my most supportive teacher, but very unfortunately could not get in touch, so I was a bit upset and did not write the blog. So here I am writing this blog, as a tribute to those teachers who shaped my life.

In general, what do we think when "A Teacher" comes to mind? A person, who guides us through, who gives us utter encouragement to prosper in life etc etc...But for me MY teachers were something much more than that. Even when my family, my parents kept their faces away from me, they had given utmost support, they have never turned their faces away. When my parents lost faith on me, when I did not-so-good (and bad) results, they, my beloved teachers were there. They kept on saying "Don't worry, you'll rise up again. Don't lose your self-confidence. You will surely get success next time." I can never forget the words from my bio-tutor SOURAV BHATTACHARYA and my then maths tutor SUBHO SIR. It was after the result of my 9th standard and I stood a hell 10th....Obviously it was a huge shock to me, as well as my parents and also my private tutors. But both Sourav da and Subho sir kept on encouraging me with those above lines I mentioned before. Even my arts tutor Nirmal sir would encourage me taking the name one of his best student, who was 2 years senior than me and after a really bad result in 9th school final, he did the best result in his school in 10th boards final exam...With their continuous support, I was somehow able to gather my scattered self-confidence and did an excellent result in 10th school final. I am not at all having bitter thoughts about my parents, but somewhere they lacked. They were not there when I needed them the most. Well,it was the story before my 10th boards final. After that I took up Science stream and got new tutors except my Bio-tutor Sourav da.

In 11th standard I had to take a new maths tutor as Subho sir did not teach students of higher secondary level...In 11th I was only one student to read at Sourav da's tution as my schedule did not match with the others and I would go to his house whenever mine and his schedule would match. We had developed a very very close bonding with each other. We would chat through messages, we would share our life incidents, our thoughts...He was more like a best friend to me. We would have a great fun while reading, we would do leg-pulling to each-other. And in spite of all these we would study and I always got highest marks in Biology!! 

My new maths tutor was Swapan Chakraborty or Swapan da. I was not in his tution in my secondary level, but in spite of being a new student to him, I had become very close student of him. He would consider me to do a good result, but unfortunately I never gave him what he wanted from me. I had lacked somewhere. But he still never ignored me nor discouraged me. He was very very supportive, just like an elder-brother he was there any time. I tie Rakhi on his hand. Even his wife, whom I call boudi was also very loving. I still visit them frequently and they always welcome me heartily. Even if I do not call them for a long time I get a mild rebuke from Swapan da when I call him after!! 

My another tutor for maths was TAPAS KUMAR DUTTA, whom I call "Tapas da". Like Swapan sir , he's also like my elder-brother; I tie rakhi on his hand also and every time he gives me a gift which is sometimes so awkward :) I joined his tution when I was in 12th standard. So you can imagine we had this cordial relation in just one one year...He was a keen photographer, so I was enthusiastic in that. I had started photography since 9th standard. And when he got to know about my passion, he would discuss a lot with me. I would share a lot with him and he would give me advice. He was there always to place a hand on my shoulders and encourage me. He was very affectionate and I still call him and visit his house. One more thing is that whenever my picture got published in magazine, he was the first one to congratulate me always. He had never taken that wrong when my pictures got published in reknowned magazine, he is such a generous person.

And now I come to my most caring and most supportive teacher, I tried to call him a number of times last day but never got connected. He is SUMIT CHAKRABORTY, my all-time favourite Sumit sir....I joined his tution when I was in 11th middle. Earlier in the tution he was known a very rude teacher to everyone, and even I considered him the same. Sometimes he would be angry on me for a small reason and we would not even talk in the tution for a week! Can you imagine how peculiar is that!! After that I always had to convince him, and settle down everything. Coming to the end of the 11th session, that is befor the exam, I don't know how we settled down everything so nicely and afterwards we never had any issues! After 11th final, we would chat on facebook and from there I got to know that how different he was. People always misunderstood him, he was never a rude person. Rather he was very sensible, very supportive. I had studied 12th in english version while I had studied earlier in bengali version. And he had checked every mistakes of mine with utmost care. Once my mom called him and I don't know why she told so badly about me to him. After that when everyone had left his home, he told me everything about his conversation with my mom and cordially asked me if I was having any problem in concentrating, but I denied. After all I was not so close to him so that I would share everything with him...That day afterwards I somewhere felt that I really needed a support to come out from the mess of my life created at home. And I told everything to him. That evening a terrible incident happened to me on the road and I mistakenly called his number considering it someone else's number and kept on sobbing. When he answered I understood that I had mistakenly called him and readily hung up. Later that night he messaged me wanting to know what happened to me. And the next morning he called me to his home. There I told him everything and since that day he was always there as a shield, as a constant support, as a guide, as a friend....I can never pay him back what he has given me. He was always there to hug me and say "Everything will be alright." I felt secure, it was only because of him that I was able to come out from my mess of my life. Many people called our relation with a bad name, but we knew that it was a relation of RESPECT, TRUST  and CARE. And it was PURE.
I don't know what has happened to him suddenly that he has broken all his ties to the outer world, he don't answer calls, messages. He walks on the road as if lost in somewhere, i know there is surely something disturbing him but I can't do anything. Only I can hope is he stays alright. The person who was my support, it's hard to see him so miserable, so lost.

So these are my teachers, my supports. I can only thank them all my life and wish that they stays alright.....