A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Saturday, 14 December 2013


                                        JUST CHILL, IT'S HAPPY  WINTER!!!

After almost two months my pc is in good health ;) And I am here blogging after the Diwali...Loooooong time na?!!

So my dear readers, are you enjoying the winter? The nip in the air? The fog? Well, I don't know whether all of you are experiencing winter or not, because we all live faraway from each others (but still connected no?)

Here in my place the Winter has gradually set in although the chill is not really there in the air..But last year, whoa!! it was tooooooo cold...The coldest winter I experienced after my birth..All the people say that I am made of some hot substance that's why I do not feel cold like all others do..But last year I too was shivering..

Scene from my terrace
    Here is the picture of a winter morning last year..And guess what, the picture was taken at 12noon..The weather was still so foggy then...

Scene on road

This picture was taken while cycling..I was going to my tution and saw these people, fully covered with sweater and scarf..It's really chilly early in the morning when you go to tution or school..Isn't it??? ;) LOL

Morning Walk

This picture was also taken on my way to tution.This affection was really an early morning treat. The grandfather clad in dhoti-kurta and sweater and this little baby in his monkey-cap,sweater and woolen pant was taking an early morning walk and the baby was continuously being distracted with roadside beauties! 

Well, this is a small blog...More wintry pictures of  last year is coming soon friends :)

Till then stay well, keep blogging and enjoy the WINTER..Love you dear readers :)