A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Thursday, 24 October 2013

Bird Photography

                              MY WORKS ON BIRD PHOTOGRAPHY

             Again after a long break, here I'm blogging. Actually my PC is facing acute hardware problems due to thundering and I couldn't surf internet on computer since 15days...Here I got a chance to use computer at my cousin's place and so I thought to share some photographs of birds I saw in my locality and outside my hometown as well.

Juvenile Oriental Magpie - Robin
It was that very picture I clicked in which I got a comment "welcm 2 d world of bird photography. very good start indeed. keep clicking". With this photograph, I started taking up bird photography more enthusiastically..

Adult Oriental Magpie - Robin (male)
This photo was clicked by me while coming back from biology tution at noon. This bird was fluttering over the flower-pots of a house garden. And I climbed on the wall  and clicked this photo! ;)

Black Drongo
It was clicked by me on such a day, I had fever. I was studying and suddenly saw this bird sitting on a electric wire outside the balcony. I always have camera on my bed, I readily picked that up and took the snap with full zoom..My weakness was lessened at some extent!

Black Drongo in different moods
Rufous Tree-pie
Spotted Dove

Two chubby Black-Hooded Orioles
White-Throated Kingfisher

Greater Coucal

Yellow-footed Green Pigeon
Red Vented Bulbul
Coppersmith Barbet

Blue Throated Barbet
The picture of the Blue-throated Barbet was my first shot f bird photography, but indeed I consider it as one of my best shots. It was clicked on a scorching morning; I went on the roof to help my mom arranging the wet clothes and found this bird chirping on the tree. I immidiately went downstairs and picked my camera. I couldn't see where the bird was, because of the scorching sun. But I closed my eyes and just like that clicked the picture. After that when I checked the photo, I was totally amazed to see that I perfectly clicked the photo with the bird in the middle!!

Baya Weaver bird
These birds were making their superb nest on the coconut tree beside my house, which was clearly seen from our washroom. One day I went to the washroom and clicked a number of photos and finally got this one just satisfactory. These birds are very busy always making their nests...

A few shots of "PURPLE RUMPED SUNBIRD(MALE), clicked on different days...

Green Bee-eaters
These Green Bee-eaters have always been my most favourite bird which I wanted to shoot...But as these birds are very small and  my camera is a point and shoot Canon PowerShot A3300 IS, which does not support great zooming and consists noise, so I seldom got good shots...

Rose-ringed Parakeet
Brown headed Gull
This shot was taken at Bakkhali beach..while returning I suddenly spotted this one at the beach and got to click...

       Well, these are some of those shots...although these shots are not great, due to not-so-good camera...I just wish to get a good DSLR when I get a job and earn my own :)


  1. Beautiful set of bird photographs.. love it.
    check my click - A Rat's Nibble - House Sparrows

  2. Excellent captures Shreya, keep at it!

  3. Wow...wow...how did you manage to click so many birds..sooper pics

    1. thnx a lot sir!! huge appreciation for me :)

  4. Wow..You have got a lot of collection..and All of them are pretty too.. :)

  5. Lovely photographs! Bird feeders are the easiest way to attract birds but if you’re going to put out a feeder make sure you use quality feed, and that you feed consistently, otherwise the birds will get sick or grow to rely on the feed and perhaps not find sufficient nourishment if you stop feeding. Tray feeders located near a water source and good perches will keep you shooting all day.

    Regards Eduard