A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Sunday, 5 January 2014


                                                     WINTER JEWELS

      At first here I want to wish everyone, my dear readers and indiblogger friends a very very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014....

In this blog I want to share some of my most memorable shots..Memorable because those were unexpected and something I never saw before.

I was in school then...not being an early morning person I seldom got time to go ustairs on terrace and catch a glimpse of these dew droplets on the tender leaves. When I would wake up, the dew would already vapourise.

Meanwhile one morning I went up the terrace before leaving for tution, needless to say that it was only for the glimpse of the dewdrops and nothing else! And what I saw, really left me amazed...I had never seen such arranged dewdrops on the leaves..In my 18 years of life, I had never seen such a brilliant natural piece of art.

The new tender rose-leaves with reddish borders were looking just perfect with those pearl like dew drops. Such a scene is more than enough to make your day, and being a photography-crazy it is no doubt a gift to get a chance to click such master arts of nature.

Even the budding flowers had the new ornaments of dewdrops...This is a picture of a rosebud..

Not only the leaves, even the winter-flowers were also in their wintry outfit...Transparent pearly outfit!

The violet plant which has a lot of small pinkish flowers were looking so nice with the glittering dew droplets...

The sun had clearly came out of the fog then..and it was also a bit past my tution time...So I hurried up and readily came downstairs...

This year I am more late in rising up, so I am missing those dewdrops, but nevertheless last year gave me those wonderful moments and who knows, this year if one day I wake up early, then I can see those dewdrops again?!! ;) :) LOL


  1. Brilliant captures...love the dew drops on the leaves.

  2. These are some wonderful macro photos. Keep clicking, and a happy new year to you too!

  3. Wonderful captures! Love your header too!

  4. Truly brilliant captures! They look like precious stones.
    Happy New year to you too!

  5. wow bful!!
    happy new yr!!

    1. thnk u so mch :) hv a happy new yr ahead