A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Friday, 4 April 2014

This colourful artists' village hides a dark story.

                             The Dark Story Behind The Colourful Outcome

              Well folks, I'm again irregular in blogging! It's my blog after almost one month..actually I was in tremendous pressure of a series of deadlines and the college test results too ;)

             So here I'm again on indiblogger, but this time I'm not sharing my photography or travel experiences. Just today, I checked my another mailbox and found this link from Indiblogger, it said "IndiChange needs you". I quickly went through the video and it really mesmerised me....I will hereby suggest you to watch the video too. It will make you wonder how incredible artists live in such remote area and earn meagre in lieu of such marvellous hard work..By watching this video, you will get amazed to know that those artists sell their artworks in about Rs.3000-5000 whereas those buyers again sell them to us in Rs. 30000-50000!! How ironical it is for them..These artists of Raghurajpur, Orissa earn so little, but contribute their huge effort and time in giving those artworks perfect finish, which catch one's gaze immediately. They have to fight their health issues, such works need tremendous pressure on eye. Such work is our national and cultural treasure, and if we do not appreciate them, if they go on leading such poor livelihood, then how can we be able to save these masterpieces?

               It's our duty to share their stories, and in such an extent that those middlemen who takes the huge price and push these artists to more poor livelihood. We should buy these artworks directly from these artists, so that they can earn more and lead a healthy life. In this initiative they will also feel appreciated and satisfied.
Tata Capital Ltd (Tata Group) has taken a great initiative in giving those artists appreciation and fair livelihood. In association to IndiBlogger they want this to spread to larger audience. So it's also our duty to share this as much as possible #DoRight  



  1. life is like that
    the force of under current is hardly known in the open...

    you got a nice blog..