A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Monday, 19 August 2013



Dear Shutterbugs/ Travellers/ Trekkers and everyone who love Photography,
                     hereby wishing you all a very euphoric Photography day. By the way I don't believe in such a particular day as for me and I think for all of us (the passionate photographers of course!), everyday is a new beginning of our passion, our hobby, our profession. Everyday we see different things and click different things. Well, may be there are a good many days on which we don't get great photographs, be it for the surroundings or for our mood (which swings often!). But do any of us wait for this special particular day to click some amazing pictures? Of course not! But here we also need a day to celebrate our passion more vibrantly, so we also love to celebrate this Photography day, isn't it??? We do click whenever we feel, whenever we want, whenever we see something interesting or something just common ( I feel proud to say that we crazy guys even see uncommon or special things in the most common things). We click/shoot/capture because it is in our blood. Well, I'm not at all a great photographer, not even a good photographer; I just love to capture the wonderful moments, the wonderful creatures, wonderful scenes. I feel proud when I get appreciation for my photography, I love to see the great works of greatest photographers and amatuer photographers, according to me every passionate photographer clicks different photographs, every photograph is special as no two photographs can be same.

                      Well, I have given a long speech enough to bore you, my precious readers!! So here I give pictures of different category on this special day, only to celebrate this special day...

leaf (abstract photography)
Algae (flora photography)
Oleandar hawk moth larva (Insect photography)
Common Jezebel (Butterfly photography)
White throated kingfisher (Bird photography)
Spotted deer (Animal photography)
Glory of eyes (portrait photography)
Kaleidoscope (Nature photography)
Kovalam beach (Landscape/travel photography)

Phew!!! I will not make you bored any longer, that's the end ;)
And yes, a very happy photography day again! HAPPY CLICKING :)


  1. Replies
    1. thank u so mch Indrani di :) Happy clicking..

  2. Wow Lovely Shots..
    Happ Photography Day to you too.. :-)

    1. Thanks Harsha Bhuyan...same to you, happy clicking :)

  3. Good photography, but I really think that you should change your blog theme - it is not the best you can have.

    1. at first thank you, bt since i'm new to blogspot, so i didn't knw abt grt blog-themes,I found dis one offbit, may b you can help me out sir!!

  4. Lovely set of pictures, Shreya.