A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Saturday, 10 August 2013

Archives: Mobile-Shots

                               FIRST  SHOTS ARE ALWAYS SPECIAL

        The Photography-bug bit me first when I was in my 8th class, my parents didn't have a digital camera. We only had two manual Kodak camera, which didn't have any reel :(

Motorola SLVR L7

           Then one evening dad brought his new mobile, a Motorola SLVR L7. It was my first gear with which I used to click pictures of kaleidoscopic sky, sunrise, sunset, and of course of myself and my family & relatives. It was our first multimedia set, so I was usually very curious about every features of the mobile, specially the camera, video recorder and the music. Unfortunately I didn't have any songs in that mobile as dad wasn't much interested in downloading or exchanging songs. So I used to hear FM in that mobile and whenever I felt an urge, I would rush up to the roof and click pictures of the clouds. 
           But my passion was soon to be ended, One evening after I came back from my tution, I found that both my parents were a bit pensive. When I asked the reason I got to know the bitter truth that my dad had lost the mobile in the train i.e it had been theft. I felt lost, all those pictures had been lost. I wanted to cry but couldn't.

After almost a year, dad was transferred to Asansol, a faraway place from where he could only come to see us on weekends. I almost overcame the passion of photography. After all I didn't have another choice, if I don't get a mobile or camera, then how can I carry on my passion? 

It was a Saturday night, when dad came from Asansol to visit us and he gave me this mobile!!! I was thrilled, I didn't have any good mobile, so it was a dream come true. But as I always say, whatever I like is snatched from me :(  

So it happened, I was just checking the features of the mobile and in a mean time my mom came and asked dad where he got that mobile. Dad told that the office authority has given him the mobile, so I could use that as he had his own mobile. But mom announced that she'd use that mobile as I was not that old to use a multimedia set. Just think how I was feeling! But like every time, I didn't protest. I was just a moment away to get a mobile and start my photography but mom ruined it all. People may call it weird or anything but just think, it was my passion. How will it feel if someone snatches your favourite possession?

I had to wait another year until dad got another splendid full touch screen mobile (WITH AN AMAZING CAMERA OF COURSE!), and like every time mom bagged that mobile and gave me the old mobile she snatched from me about a year ago. 

Nevertheless, I was happy to get that mobile and would keep clicking lots of picture. 

These are some shots which I have preserved, there were many others which were deleted....

These were my best and favourite shots with that mobile...

I don't have that mobile now, as being a second-hand mobile it had many internal problems,..Now I use a peculiar Chineese set which is not at all assisting in photography, I have my small camera now, and I am happy with that :)


  1. Excellent photos - on all the posts. You really do have an eye for them :-)

  2. Beautiful subjects! Very nice shots!!

  3. Shreya, I click clouds and write poems / haikus on them: http://remidesouza.blogspot.in/2011/05/indian-farmers-woes-and-joys.html

  4. Wow! That's a thought provoking story. Love your photographs.
    I too have been through all this but if you are passionate towards doing what you love then there is nothing that can stop you.
    Do have a look at my work