A collage of MEMORIES

A collage of MEMORIES
A collage of MEMORIES

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Way To Tirupathy Temple

                                             A Road Trip To Remember

A shot from inside the car
We came out from the hotel at Tirumala early morning to start for the famous Tirupathy Temple. I had heard about this famous temple earlier, so as usual I was very excited. Moreover I heard that the road to the temple is through the hill and the view is very much picturesque. Our car halted at the check-post and I exchanged my seat with my father, i.e. I took the front seat while my father took the backseat beside my mom. The reason was so that I could take pictures easily from the front glass!!!

The road through the rock and greenery

Entering the unknown world inside the green cliff
I really loved the green cliffs, I wanted to climb at the top of them and explore the unknown world.

Lost in the heaven of lush greenery
Covering the amazing road through the hill, we reached the Tirupathy Temple, needless to say camera was not allowed there and I left the camera inside the car and after visiting the temple in about 2hours we came back. I was equally excited about the return journey as we had to cross the same path again, this time I asked the driver if he could halt at some places so that I could take some shots and he gladly agreed.

A shot taken while the car was halting

This shot was taken once the driver stopped the car and showed me the two cliffs. He stopped once more and I was able to capture the full panoramic view of the Tirumala city. It looked awesome.

The beautiful view of Tirumala City

I shot a video too, you can view live it here (although the quality is not so good) ;)


  1. Great place,lovely captures and nice attempt at the video!

  2. I loved the tirupati drive when I went there with family long time ago.... your post brought back happy memories!!